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Your customer service/help desk monitoring dashboard template.


The total number of support requests that have come in.


The total number of complaints that have been received.


The total number of complaints that resolved.
Time to Resolve Complaint

7m:32s / Goal: 8m:0s

Avg. Speed of Answer

Measure how quickly support staff answer incoming calls.


Customer Satisfaction

Measures the quality or your support team’s efforts. It is important to monitor your customer satisfaction status, as the opinion... Learn more

  • Very Satisfied (26%)
  • Satisfied (39%)
  • Not Satisfied (20%)
  • Satisfied (15%)
Talk Time

Measure the amount of time your support agents spend talking to a customer. It gives your team insight into how long they should set aside... Learn more

ID Call Agent Talk Time
21 Socrates Itumay 2m:12s
22 Isidore Dilao 1m:17s
23 Joyce Chua 2m:0s
24 Reynante Labares 2m:1s
25 Owen Bongcaras 2m:21s
25 Kirby Avendula 2m:33s
Top Performer Help Agents
Socrates Itumay
Agent ID: 12022
Reached Goal
Reynante Labares
Agent ID: 12028
Reached Goal
Owen Bongcaras
Agent ID: 11500
Reached Goal
Mariane Galeon
Agent ID: 11600
Reached Goal
Joyce Chua
Agent ID: 11990
Reached Goal
Customer Complaints Comparison

Monitor the total number of complaints that are resolved and unresolved.