Eddie Drye


32 years of Kudos can't be wrong!

Stephen Rossi

January 22, 2018

Nitro Project Manager, Delhaize

Thanks go to Wilson and Eddie for their hard work to complete these BRD/FRDs.

Wilson Schmidt

January 21, 2018

DiPLA Business Analyst, Delhaize!

Special thanks to Eddie, who joined me in burning the midnight oil this week.

Jon Nebauer

Jan 16, 2018

DiPLA Solutions Manager, Delhaize

Eddie this is a really good start at troubleshooting this! (Production Issue)

Kapil Gujar

August 11, 2017

Performance Test Team, Delhaize

Great Catch Eddie, release R3.1.6 seems to be making 200 additional coupon calls in production.

Jay Crisp

April 2016

Director of TAP and Special Operations, RJMW

Eddie has been a fantastic help in updating our claims system software. He has always been responsive and has come up with innovative ideas that have transformed how we do business. I would highly recommend Eddie and his company to anyone that needs custom software done.

Anthony Downs

October 2015

Developer, NTI Solutions

Eddie had respect and faith in his developers to perform their jobs with the best of their abilities. Eddie was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the companys customer base. He was always available to answer any questions or help with any issues that would arise. His management style was unique in that he let developers have a sense of control.

Lynn Stone

October 2015

Product Manager, NTI Solutions

I worked directly with Eddie and his team of developers to review, fix, enhance, create and deploy products. He has a very positive attitude, acknowledges his teammates input and has an excellent rapport and ability to comnunicate well with clients, making him a valuable member of the team. I was also impressed with his forward thinking and ideas.

Brian Graves

January 2015

VP of Sales, ScanOnline

I am a fan of the dashboards you create our customers are going to love them.

Lee Pickler

November 2014

President, ScanOnline

We are confident that Eddie is the right person to help ScanOnline meet it's strategic and growth objectives in the coming years.

Jeremy Travis

December 2013

Help Desk, Life Ambulance Services / First Med EMS

Eddie and I worked on a Document management system, OMR/OCR, secure FTP, and scanning applications. The company would often change their programming requirements, but Eddie quickly continued to produce software updates. Eddie's dedication and strong knowledge in .NET, computer networking, and Microsoft SQL helped the company to achieve its goal. He was able to assist in developing custom applications that could not be satisfied by expensive boxed software.

Robb Stone

August 2013

CTO, Life Ambulance Services / First Med EMS

Eddie, great job on EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), when your back in Wilmington I will treat you to a steak dinner!

Jonathan Laughnan

February 2013

Help Desk, Life Ambulance Services / First Med EMS

Eddie, EDMS is working flawlessly across 60 stations and the users are not reporting problems with scanning. Great job!

Joe Washington

April 25, 2013

Cold Fusion Developer, Market America

Eddie, both from a technical, developmental, project management, personal, personnel, and business process perspective, was an incredible asset to the company. In addition to managing his site. If that isn't pure talent, then I surely don't know what is.

Antonio Green

November 5, 2012

Cold Fusion Developer, Market America

I had the opportunity to work peripherally to Eddie and observe the manner in which he ran his development team. He proved to be a skilled project manager and consistently delivered positive results in a challenging environment. I was particularly impressed by the way he advocated for his team.

Deepak Kulkarni

April 22, 2012

Project Lead, Diamond Tobacco

It was pleasure to work with Eddie on a Major Business project at Dimon International and other multiple assignments, I was impressed by Eddie's depth of knowledge, high skill set in software development process from conception to delivery. Eddie is a creative person. That's him - multi-skilled, forward thinking, insightful and result driven co-worker. As a Project Manager/Barcoding Developer in his other assignments, Eddie applied the most advanced management techniques that helped project team achieve successful results. He has very positive attitude towards work. In depth experience and intelligence makes Eddie view solutions instead of problems.

Tom Kimes

April 21 2012

Developer Supervisor, TIMCO Jet Aircraft Maintenance

Eddie is enthusiastic and innovative and was key contributor in a software development team challenged to develop solutions that met the needs of a young, rapidly growing and evolving jet aircraft maintenance business.

Tom Mentz

April 16, 2012

Director of Finance, Novant

Eddie has experience in a variety of industries and environments giving him a unique and valuable perspective. He is extremely easy to communicate with, always asks good questions and seeks to fully understand the situation. Eddie brings a positive "how can I help" attitude to work every day and is a pleasure to work with.

Jim Goins

April 16, 2012

Senior Software Developer, Market America

Eddie was the best Project Manager I have ever had in my career. Not only did Eddie always have a high level grasp of projects, but being very technical, he also had a detailed understanding of projects. Eddie's management and people skills are excellent. He was always liked by all team members and yet was able to get the best work from all involved. Eddie has always been very resourceful, creative, and able to do far more than be a skillful project manager as evidenced by the design and creation of his own successful dot com, Avoli, Inc.

Darlene Bryant

April 16, 2012

SAP Systems Analyst III, Patheon (Formerly Banner Pharmacaps)

Eddie was a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable and a very patient professional.

Donna Smith

June 2, 2011

Owner, Synergy Broker

Eddie has many talents and has a deep understanding of web development, technology, and social media. He is an outstanding programmer and has worked on some amazing projects. I recommend Eddie because he has more eCommerce experience and ideas how to be successful on the web than anyone I have ever met.

Kim Palmer

March 5, 2009

Creative Services Manager, Market America

Eddie has the unique ability to pull together all the pieces of the puzzle, keep them together, and make sure everyone is always on the same page and headed in the right direction. His education, experience and professionalism have brought us great results.

Steve Allen

April 3, 2009

Oracle Developer, Syngenta

Eddie is great at writing processes that are reusable. He was always looking for ways to improve processes.

Chris Diggs

January 12, 2009

Director of R&D, Market America

Eddie Drye is one of the best out of the box thinkers that can deliver what he and his team envisions. He is also the type of person to stay on a project until it is done, no matter how long or how difficult. His drive to solve complex problems and to create new innovative software solutions is unparalleled from any other developer or analyst I have had on my team.

Jimmy Gray

January 11, 2006

Director of Finance, Wachovia Securities

You are a great asset to the team Wachovia and I am glad I had the pleasure of working with you. If I had my own company I would love to have you as my IT director.

Lori Spencer

December 1, 2004

Corporate Investment Banking Technology, Wachovia

Jimmy's users are pleased with the RECMTMS application and reports. Excellent news as always.

Debra S. Brown

August 27, 2003

Accounting, Triad Guaranty

The website is fantastic. Thank you very much for the hard work you have put into it.

Kenny McMellon

December 12, 2002

Accounting, Triad Guaranty

We received a message this morning that the Appworx_prod oracle production box was low on disk space. Eddie's program EZ-mon has turned out to be very helpful.

Tracy Cox

July 20, 2001

Manager Application Development, Syngenta

The tool looks great and I'm impressed with what you've done. Thanks for the hard work.

Jason B. White

May 2, 2001

CPC Director, DataMasters (letter)

We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for a job well done. Your efforts have been a very positive influence on our relationship with New Step Software. Working with you has been a pleasure.

Shirley Gaddy

Sunday, August 6, 2000

VP Policy Administration Manager, High Point Enterprise (Business Section)

Triad Guaranty introduces innovation (Software written by Eddie Drye)... The risk-sharing performance report will greatly improve partners ability to manage their book of business.

Jane Nickels

July 15, 1998

IT, City of Greensboro

Thanks for all the good work! The ESRI mapping component is working great!

Mitchell Johnson

July 10, 1998

MIS Director, City of Greensboro

You and Mark have shown that hiring outside consultants is definitely the way to go.

Mark Burmaster

June 15, 1999

Lead Developer, Sabre / Intellimark

Great work on the PBX Rexx system. Sorry the system is so convoluted. You have made the best of it.

Connie Wallier

May 10, 1998

Manager, Sabre / Intellimark

Thank you so much Eddie for the Visual Basic library you donated to the Y2K migration project for USAir. You are a great resource for us and are glad to have you on the team.

Mike Ardisson

October 20, 1997

Sales, Gilbarco

Just wanted you to know that EC Tools you wrote was a BIG help in completing a recent PCR request. It is an excellent tool. It saved time and effort in completing my task.

Dave Pettigrew

March 24, 1995

Sales & Marketing, Nabisco

Great work Eddie!  Clearly the whole company is benefiting from your VB expertise and your continuous sharing of routines you have developed through Townhall.

Jonathan Shema

March 23, 1995

Developer, Nabisco

Thank you for all the functions and subs that you put into the libraries. I've only used a handful so far, but they have saved me a lot of time. They are all easy to use and understand

Joe Farrelly

July 14, 1994

Sr. VP & CIO, Nabisco

The implementation of the IRI Consumer Sales databases on the MVS machine in Wilkes Barre was a success! All systems GO! Thanks to a tremendous show of effort from our Information Processing Services group, IRI and our dedicated Marketing Systems Team the project has been completed on-time and without any loss of service to users as full access has been maintained through the project. Project savings in excess of $2 million.

Greg DiGiovanni

April 25, 1994

Development Manager, Nabisco

I think Eddie has done a good job on reviewing the present market for this type of software; I wish more developers would put this level of effort into it. Eddie's assertion, confirmed by Ahmed, that native DB-LIB is the fastest access path to SQL Server is absolutely correct.

Larry Leonard

September 22, 1994

AS/400 Senior Developer, Nabisco

Bruce: My main man (Eddie Drye) has been a great help to me down here.... He has some things published in Townhall y'all might be interested in. Yesterday we the entire process up as a PIF and this is the result. I'm putting this one to bed.

Robert Bowden

June 15, 1994

Sales, Nabisco

Thank you for your hard work and cooperation on our first validation process. I really appreciate your attitude and initiative in following up through the various stages of this process. I am looking forward to many successful validations to come!

Earl Godwin

June 15, 1994

Sales, Nabisco

Just wanted to add my appreciation concerning the fine work Eddie and Dave did for the first Account Review database update. As you know, support of the Account Review system is a top priority of the LifeSavers management team. Your group has done an excellent job assuming these key responsibilities. Thank you!

Phyllis Kirby

April 5, 1990

Patient Services, High Point Radiological

Eddie, you have done such a great job on implementing the new Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS changes.

Jim Meredith

October 3, 1989

Lead Programmer, Carolina Cipher

Great job on the changes to the Patient Billing System. You've really picked up Business Basic fast.

Zaefer Balkin

August 25, 1988

Programmer, Carolina Cipher

You have picked up making these modifications yourself and HPRS really doesn't need Carolina Cipher that much.

Eddie Drye